Ahimsa, a Sect Devoted to Harmlessness


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Depth, Power, and Purpose of East Indian Philosophy

Eastern Wisdom


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Mysteries of Asia (e-Book)

PDF e-Book Edition

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Originally published in Overland Montlhy (1929), during the first decade of Manly Hall’s writing and teaching career; it was later reprinted in the 1958 omnibus edition “Collected Writings, Vol.1 – Early Works.”

Based largely upon his travels around the world in 1923-1924, this essay is a “travelogue” of curious and esoteric practices of mysterious Asia, including: Holy Men in India; the Gobi Desert; Sorcery of Tibet; Burma’s Shwe Dagon Pagoda; Jaipur’s Astronomical Observatory; the Parsee Towers of Silence in Bombay; and the magic of Far Eastern conjurors and magicians.

Fully bookmarked for easy navigation, with a hyper-linked table of contents.

PDF 865-2 |  E-book (1.72 mb)


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Venerated Teachers of the Jains, Sikhs, and Parsis

Adepts in the Eastern Esoteric Tradition, Part 5

Three of India’s most significant religious sects are presented. Each group traces its origins back to the Vedic teachings of ancient India, and all three have something to contribute to humanity. Illustrated.

ISBN: 0-89314-545-9 |  Paperback.  123pp


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