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    • Audio CDs

      Digitally Remastered – Available for the first time in Audio CD format – The lectures of Manly P. Hall are considered by the thousands who have heard them to be profound and illuminating. The Philosophical Research Society is pleased to make available for the first time, digitally remastered audio recordings of the finest of these seminars and lectures.

      • Seminars of Manly P. Hall (CD)

        Digitally Remastered, each audio seminar includes the original 5-part series on 10 CDs. Over 8 hours of audio lecture in each set.

      • Special Edition Lectures (CD)

        The Unreleased Lectures of Manly P. Hall – PRS is pleased to make available for the first time, digitally remastered CD audio recordings of special edition lectures from the archives of Manly P. Hall.

    • Audio Lecture Cassettes

      The lectures of Manly P. Hall are considered by the thousands that have heard them to be profound and illuminating. The Philosophical Research Society is please to make available audio tapes of the finest of these extraordinary talks. Some items are also available as Lecture Notes and as Video Recordings. All of these single audio recordings come on a single 90-minute or 120-minute audio cassette. Items marked with an asterisk (*) are also available as Lecture Notes; items marked with a double asterisk (**) are available as Video Recordings. A NOTE REGARDING MANLY P. HALL’S RECORDINGS: Some of these tapes were recorded in less than ideal settings and with mono-channel recording equipment. These are vintage recordings of Manly P. Hall in the everyday surroundings of PRS, from lectures and seminars over years past. We hope the excellent content makes up for what the tapes may lack in audio fidelity.

    • Audio Seminars

      The Lectures of Manly P. Hall are considered by the thousands that have heard them to be profound and illuminating experiences. The Philosophical Research Society is pleased to make available collected archival series of the finest of these extraordinary talks. All Audio Series Albums come on 5 to 6 90-minute or 120-minute audio cassettes, or for select titles, on 10-CDs (Digitally remastered)

    • Books
      • Obadiah Harris Books
      • Secret Teachings of All Ages

        Twenty-Five centuries of Wisdom – Discover the secrets within the symbolic figures, allegories, oral traditions and rituals of humankind – Manly P. Hall’s “magnum opus” concentrates the teachings of nearly six hundred distinguished authorities on religion and philosophy, providing an interpretation of the themes underlying the ancient mythology, philosophy, religion, rituals, and arcane mysteries of all ages. In its original format (designed by J. Henry Nash and first published in 1928) this unique volume can be treasured and passed on as an heirloom with the assurance that its in-depth studies of some forty ancient and modern systems of spiritual development will contribute to each individual’s quest for self-knowledge and philosophical awareness. “The Secret Teachings of All Ages” includes fifty-four full color plates by noted artist J. Augustus Knapp, and two hundred black and white illustrations from rare occult works and manuscripts. To this day it remains unrivaled in its scope, synthesis and graphic beauty; a must for any serious student of mystical philosophy.

    • E-Books (PDF)

      Now available for download to your computer or e-reader, PDF format e-books of popular titles by Manly P. Hall. All PRS e-Books are fully book-marked with internal hyperlinks. (Upon completion of your purchase, you will be provided with a download link and a confirmation e-mail.) Below are some recent new e-books, you will find more titles on the “e-Book – Books & Reprints” and “e-book – Popular Pamphlets” links in the navigation menu to the right. (Note: for copyright reasons, the print function of PRS e-books has been disabled.)

      • Books & Reprints (pdf)

        Downloadable PDFs of Manly P. Hall books, both recent releases and reprints of out-of-print titles.

      • Popular Pamphlets (pdf)

        Downloadable PDF versions of many of Manly P. Hall’s popular essays and pamphlets.

      • The Ralph Waldo Emerson Journals (pdf)

        PRS is proud to offer the extensive personal journals of Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882) in digital format, having been scanned and edited by the Ralph Waldo Emerson Institute and presented in PDF e-book files. This edition, edited by Richard Geldard, PhD, was first published in 1904-14 in ten volumes, comprising over 5,000 pages of material and edited by Emerson’s son Edward. The journals cover most of Emerson’s life, from 1820, when he was only 16 to 1876, when, at age 73, he stopped writing in his journal. The journals contain his personal views and much of the material found in his essays and lectures as initial notes and observations. The journals are a rich and varied history of the life and thought of America’s Founding Thinker.

    • Events and Seminars

      PRS Events – lectures and seminars held at the Los Feliz Blvd campus.

    • New Titles & Recent Reprints
    • Pamphlets

      Written and published over sixty years, Manly P Hall’s
      collection of further explorations into the subjects covered in The Secret Teachings of All Ages could not be contained in one book.

      These pamphlets served as a forum for his ongoing research into the subjects covered in that volume, and many more, while always exhibiting his innate discernment for the subject matter.

      • Basic Ideas of Man

        A 24-part program of study founded upon Man’s heritage of wisdom, by Manly P. Hall and Henry L. Drake — “All progress in nature begins with a first step.” Originally a mentored personal-study course written by Manly Hall and Henry Drake, this Basic Ideas of Man Lecture Series introduces the reader to the religions, philosophies, and psychologies of the East and West. This pamphlet series is a useful guide and aid for those seeking deeper insight into consciousness as seen from the philosophical mindset. It has been made available to the general public, for purchase in any sequence, to more easily access this wonderful material.

    • Symbolic Prints

      Select Prints by J. August Knapp (as commissioned by Manly Hall for “The Secret Teachings of All Ages”, and by Mihran K. Serailian, and classical Buddhist art from the PRS Collection.

    • Video Recordings (DVD)

      Recorded in 1989, during the final months of his long life, these video lectures provide a uniquely intimate experience of Manly Hall in his element, teaching to students driven by a love of knowledge.


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